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Enterprise properties to build office complex
business centres and information technology suites. The General Manager of Enterprise Properties and the Project Manager, Mr Philip Godson-Amamoo, described the project as a high class iconic commercial office property, whose facilities include a basement ...
Industrial building sells for $7M in Mansfield
The Class B facility, set on 15 acres, is located at 60 Maple St., adjacent to the Cabot Industrial Park, according to Jake Grossman, who oversaw the acquisition for the family-owned business ... square-foot Class A office park in Danbury ...
Here’s What the New Home Office Tax Deduction Method Means
The structure of the traditional job market has shifted drastically in recent years and as more Americans are working from home, it’s important that they are correctly and accurately claiming home office tax deductions. According to a survey ...
Office Depot Helps Students Transition to College
BOCA RATON, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Office Depot, Inc. (NYSE: ODP), a leading global provider of school supplies and services, is becoming The College Supply Headquarters – offering great deals on essential college products and services, a college ...
Class A office vacancies remain high downtown
The bad news is that it remains at a level that is unhealthily high. In its latest report on the office market, Louisville real estate brokerage firm Commercial Kentucky Inc. says that the class A vacancy rate in the central business district ...
Smart Instant Voice Translator 40+ Languages Speech Interactive Translation Tool
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Adobe Photoshop CC 2018
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Seiko SPANISH-ENGLISH Translator TR-2250 800,000 translations 5,500 phrases
Smart Voice Translator Two-Way Real Time Multi-Language Translation Translator
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Royal 39155W electronic Bible
Easy Trans Smart Translator Bluetooth 52 Language for Learning Travel Shopping A
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Quicktionary II Reading Pen - Dictionary Scan and Hear words and definitions!
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v-flier language translator touch screen
Portable Smart Voice Translator Professional Multi-Languages Translation Device
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Waverly Labs White Pilot Real-Time Language Translator Translating Earpiece NEW!
Intelligent Voice Translator 30 Languages Speech Interactive Translation
Franklin Merriam Webster Spanish English Speaking Dictionary Model BES-1850
NEW NIB Zelco Electronic Bookmark Dictionary II Handy Compact Travel Reference
Franklin Electronic Merriam Websters Dictionary Thesaurus MWD-1470U - FREE SHIP
Bookman Franklin Spanish English Translator BES-840
Travis One Translator smart AI Offline Online Digital Voice NEW
Smart Voice Language Translator Device WiFi 2-Way Instant for 43 Languages
Pocket Language Translator Voice 30 Languages Two Way Real Time Intercom Portabl
Casio Ex-word XD-SW6400 Electronic Japanese English Dictionary
Franklin Websters Spelling Corrector With Manual Free Shipping
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ECVV Smart Real-time Translator Device, Two Way Portable Voice Translator with T
Xiaomi Konjac Modern AI Voice Instant Translator 14 Language 7-Days Standby
Zero - 29 Language Translator  / Calculator, Currency conversion, Databank, 
907D Bluetooth Smart Language Translator Voice Instant 26 Languages Speech
Portable Smart Voice Translator Real Time 26 Multi-Language Translation 20-20KHz
Smart Voice Translator Earphone Bluetooth Real Time Translation 26 Languages
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ILI wearable Speech Translator
Besta CD 218 Chinese English Electronic Dictionary Translator 2008
FRANKLIN SA-206S Spelling Ace with Thesaurus
Franklin MWS-840 Electronic Dictionary & Thesaurus Tested
Franklin Pocket PDR  (MED-1770) 
Multi-Language Portable Smart Voice Translator Business Travel Gray
Franklin Speaking Pronouncer Webster Dictionary Companion Model SDC-300 Tested
Xiaomi Youpin MY001CN Konjac AI Translator With Intelligent Voice Recognition CH
SII Seiko Berlitz English-Spanish Pocket Translator TR-2020 with Inflections
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Smart Wireless Wifi Translator Real Time Instant Voice 52 Languages Learning
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New Franklin KJV600 Speaking Holy Bible King James Version Old And New Testament
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Smart Language Voice Translator Device Translation 42 Languages 2.4 Inch X4V3
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Portable Smart Voice Translator Two-Way Real Time Multi-Language Translation NEW
Vintage Franklin Word Wiz Model#WW-93, 1986-87 W/Box
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CCTACO Partner PW800 English/Italian Talking Electronic Dictionary in the Box
Vasco Translator Premium 5": Electronic Voice Translator
Franklin Webster’s Spelling Corrector Plus NCS-101 Handheld System Tested
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Smart Translator 30 Languages Instant Voice Device Mini Trans Travel Pocket
Seiko Electronic Oxford English Dictionary Spell Checker with Crossword Solver
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Smart Translator 30 Languages Instant Voice Mini Trans Travel Pocket Interpreter
Original Xiaomi AI Portable 14 Smart Language Instant Voice Translator Speech
T8+ Instant Voice Translator 40+ Languages Travel Speech Interactive Translation
Portable Translator
Franklin Spanish English Translator TES-106 Data-Bank Travel Ace *Tested & VGC*
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The environmental pitfalls at the end of an iPhone's life
One of the saddest ironies of the life cycle of consumer ... Electronic waste has soiled parts of China as well as other developing countries for years, so much so that international laws have attempted to regulate the movement of broken gadgets ...
Ruffin: Oh, brave new world that has such gadgets in it
I’ve got rulers, thermometers, navigation systems, altimeters, compasses, translators, dictionaries, calculators ... Since my back operation I’ve been very much reliant on the electronic world, since it allows me to go on with my journal and press ...
IRL: Bing Translator, ioSafe N2 and the Mophie Juice Pack Air
Welcome to IRL, an ongoing feature where we talk about the gadgets ... offline dictionaries. In the week that I was there, it only flaked out on me once, and proved to be a fantastic travel companion. While an electronic phrasebook is never ...
Drivers, start your gadgets
That's the premise behind some new smartphone-linked gadgets, including one launched last week by Verizon Wireless and Delphi Automotive LLP. Think of them as high-tech translators that let you and your car understand each other. The maker of one ...
Top 5 Gadget Flops
So for your viewing pleasure, here is a run-down of the five most futile and fruitless gadgets ever: 1 ... Sony Betamax One of the greatest consumer electronics companies of our time, yet Sony manages another product flop with its ill-fated Betamax ...
Cyber Culture: My pick of the Consumer Electronics Show - flexible flat screens
The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas brought its usual delicious ... (We all know how much teenagers yearn for their own conference room.) Other questionable highlights of the week included the unveiling of the Samsung T9000 internet fridge ...